_service Design for our New Webpage

These past months, the team of _coworkshops was busy redefining our online presence and redesigning our webpage. Of course we did that, applying Service Design to our own project!

We started out with a user testing of our old webpage, the blog that we created back in Jan 2014 when we launched _coworkshops. The truth is, that this user testing gave us very interesting insights: the topics we covered in our blog, our activities and experiences that we had written about, it all received very positive feedback; While the structure of the page, the graphic design and the navigation… well, not that much.

Users did not understand the objective of the page, they could not find the information they were looking for and, as a consequence, they did not understand our project! So we concluded that it was time for a radical change!

The next step was to define our personas: We decided for three profiles that would be interested in the services of _coworkshops and asked ourselves the following questions: What are these people looking for when they visit our website? What kind of information calls their attention? What would make them have a closer look? And most importantly: What would convince them to contact us?

Those questions served us to develop and visualize our user journeys in which we imagined the interaction of our users from the moment they start looking for information until finding our page and contacting with us. This process greatly helped us to decide for the contents to display, how to structure the page and also for developing the graphic design.

Service Design for our website

For that we created a moodboard to inspire us: to visualize what _coworkshops represents and define the images and colours that we were going to use. So finally we were ready to start working on our page!

Now followed a seemingly endless series of brainstorming, clustering, designing, prototyping and photo shooting sessions until we finally finished the Beta version of our new page.

To make sure that we had not lost sight of our goal, we went back to test the page with our users. And in fact – surprise, surprise – there were further adjustments to be made…

Service Design for our website

So now finally we are happy with the result and, above all, with having applied Service Design to our own project!

So we would like you to go and explore our page! Interact with it and, if you like what you see, please feel free to share it!